Complete (3) Hyaluronic Acid Serums Gift Set

$225.00 $175.00

Our SKINWORKOUT® hyaluronic acid serums are clinical grade, pure, and sterile. Micro nano filtration delivers the purest form of hyaluronic acid, with a non-irritating formula that is free of phthalates.  This ultimate serum gift set includes all of our serums:

  • TARGETED TONING is an intensely hydrating sterilized serum with the purest hyaluronic acid. This gentle yet effective serum helps even out skin tones, brightens skin, and reduces the appearance of inflammation. Glutathione helps prevent dark spots and brightens the skin. Niacinamide helps with skin brightening and the enhancement of skin tone to even out your complexion;
  • ULTIMATE RADIANCE is a high-performance sterilized serum with the purest hyaluronic acid.

  • NEW GLOBAL ANTI-AGING is a serum with Polyglutamic Acid and Adenosine that hydrates and plumps skin, and improves skin smoothness for a youthful appearance. Sodium Hyaluronate improves elasticity, hydrates, and reduces signs of volume loss. Adenosine and Polyglutamic acid improves moisture retainability

To Use:

Apply 4-6 drops daily. To open, lift the transparent cap with your thumb until it cracks. Remove the metal ring and then the grey rubber cap. Insert the silicone applicator.

Apply directly to skin or with our A.S.A.P.! Microinfusion System.  Each box includes an exclusive silicone applicator with cap that allows the product to be preserved and reused safely.