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    Give Your Skin a Flawless Summer Glow


    SKINWORKOUT® features our revolutionary micro infusion applicator, A.S.A.P.!™ (Advanced Skin Application Platform), designed to infuse topical serums into the skin using our patented technology. Unlike traditional skin care applications, microinfusion allows skin health serums to be infused directly into your skin rather than sitting on the surface.

    How To Use

    How To Use

    STEP 1
    Pour the SW Targeted Treatment serum or SW Ultimate Radiance serum into the A.S.A.P.! Micro Infusion System container.

    STEP 2
    Close container with micro-infusing chamber. Allow 30 secs. with chamber facing downwards for serum to penetrate micro-channels.

    STEP 3
    Always in a perpendicular position, tap gently the micro-infusing chamber to the previously cleaned treatment area. Even on sensitive ones!

    STEP 4
    After use, clean A.S.A.P.!
    Micro Infusion System applicator with warm water for re-use.



    Immediate radiant skin

    Deeper application

    Can be used in sensitive areas: eye contour, lips, etc

    Sterilized clinical grade ingredients

    Easy to use

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